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My Worst Neighbor (2023)


A romantic comedy about two neighbors living with one wall between them. Seung Jin is preparing for an audition for his dream of becoming a singer. The moment he was about to spend the first night in the room, a woman’s cry came from next door! Sharing each other’s daily life without knowing their names or faces, they are increasingly caught up in subtle emotions.

Director: Lee Woo Cheol

Also known as: A Close Relationship Choiakeui Iutgwa Sarange Bbajineun: Eontaekbeu Leobeu Binteumeomneun Sai How to Fall in Love with the Worst Neighbor: Untact Love 최악의 이웃과 사랑에 빠지는 방법: 언택브 러브


Status: Ongoing

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